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2017 Featured Artists 

Van Patten Family

Erin Van Patten and her husband Doug are both graduates of the Art Institute of Philadelphia. They run various businesses that incorporate their creativity to make a living. Their daughter has inherited some artistic talent as well, so they love to do artistic things as a family! They were Guest Artists at the 2016 Chalk It Up! Prescott festival, and created a piece called “Alphabet Soup”


Lea and Ian Rankin (Rather Be Chalkin’)

Lea and Ian are from Youngtown, AZ and absolutely LOVE chalking! They’ve been married 19 years and have built a stronger relationship because of their experiences chalking as a team. Their first chalking event was in 2015. Most of all, they absolutely love to create art! They were Guest Artists at the 2016 Chalk It Up! Prescott festival, and chalked a gorgeous Rita Lloyd-original piece pictured below.



 2017 Guest Artists

Lisa Bernal Brethour is a 3rd generation Arizonan who grew up in Tucson and has lived with her family in Tempe for the past 20 years.  The daughter of a photographer and a stained glass artist, she is pursuing a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in ceramics.  She also enjoys sewing, painting and the vibrant colors of pastels.  Lisa’s work is influenced by the colors and patterns of her paternal Mexican heritage and also by her maternal grandmother’s collection of botanical prints and arts & crafts objects.  Her work focuses on personal relationships and the interdependency between nature and people, the belief that we are all connected.

“My family and I are looking forward to another great weekend at Chalk It  Up! Prescott!”

Dana Cohn attended undergraduate school at Augustana College before earning his MFA from Yale University School of Art in 1993.  He currently lives and works in Prescott.  Dana teaches painting and printmaking at Yavapai College, and printmaking at Prescott College in Arizona.  He has created art for Chalk It UP! Prescott at each event since 2009 and was a  featured artist at the 2012 event.

Jeff Daverman Artist and Owner of Infamous Network and Custom Sticker Makers.   A professional independent artist, graphic designer and small business owner living and working in Prescott, AZ, I co-founded Infamous Network in 1996. Since then I have been producing and expanding the ROOT CONCEPTS collection which currently includes original art on bumper stickers, greeting cards, lip balm, apparel and tote bags. With a recent focus on going bigger, I have recently introduced many new ROOT CONCEPTS on fine art giclee canvas prints. The canvas prints have given me the opportunity to showcase images and ideas from many different disciplines including painting, colored pencil drawing, chalk, pen and ink, photography, and graphic illustration.

In 2007 I started Custom Sticker Makers, a business focused on printing custom stickers and labels. In 2011 we were honored to be presented with the Arizona Small Business Development Center Success Award. CSM also moved to our current location in 2011, a bigger shop to accommodate for growth and new equipment.

The CSM Team and I enjoy working with, helping support, and hooking up small business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists in all walks of life!  Jeff has participated in Chalk It UP! for many of the events and served as one of the featured artists in 2014.  His continued support of this event through both art and sponsorship is a fine example of community involvement.

Twyla Lilyne Johnson is a deputy district attorney for Imperial County, California. When she’s not pursuing justice, she’s traveling up and down California participating in chalk festivals or drawing on the sidewalks outside of her house.  She fell in love with the medium in high school when her art teacher organized their home town’s first street chalk event and gave her a 12-pack of Crayola chalk. This is Twyla’s first event outside of California.

Holly Schineller is a resident of Tempe, Arizona, attended both the California College of Art and Arizona State University to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. Visual Art is her means of processing the inspiration she finds in nature, the sciences and mathematics. For the last six years her commercial work has been focused on glass fusing including functional serving pieces, trophies and architectural installations. Her work appears in public institutions and private collections. Holly also teaches beginning warm glass classes in Tempe. She spends the majority of her volunteer time in the artistic and nontheistic communities focusing on raising questions and hopefully inspiring people. Her work also includes drawing, painting and street painting. Holly enjoys getting people excited about Science and bringing its beauty to the street. “The pastels allow me to create images and express ideas I can’t always convey in glass.” You can see some of her glass on facebook page Life With Art or her street painting work on facebook page Holly Grounded. Holly joins Chalk It UP! Prescott for her 5th appearance.  She served as one of the featured artists at the 2012 event.  Holly and her crew again join us this year as artists and event volunteers.

Jamie Tooley. “I started Chalking in Prescott with a friend in 2011. Since then have attended festivals in both Arizona and California. Chalking lots of fun, the artist are great, and it is something my whole family can do with me. We love coming up to Prescott to chalk, as I attend ERAU here and got married here; so we have many special memories up here. This year both my kids will be doing a square on their own-Tabbytha 10 and Stephen 8. I always try to incorporate butterflies into my artwork and I think they are just stunning creatures. This year I will be doing a cow and butterflies which marries together my husband’s weird obsession of cows with my love of butterflies.”

Kim Welsh resides in Prescott Valley, AZ and is a commissioned artist with ‘Sun Fish’ at the Prescott Valley library and mosaic tiles along the bike path. Kim has been on the executive committee for SAMSHA’s Recovery Day Event in downtown Prescott for 5 years, and has been on the board of other recovery related organizations. “I am passionate about recovery, art and bringing like-minded people together. I live with my dog Ghost and cat Mekena. I’m planning a move to Miami soon to follow my dreams.

I have been in recovery since January 5th, 2006. I have worked in the field of recovery as a Behavioral Health Technician for 5 years and am now is the publisher of In Recovery Magazine, (IRM) is the only recovery magazine published exclusively to celebrate individuals in recovery. IRM provides fresh, insightful information to enhance and encourage a happy and healthy recovery process. Both seasoned and first time contributors fill the pages with inspiring and informative articles about today’s recovery lifestyle.”

Cass Womack  has devoted her life to education and the arts. After teaching programming and animation for 4 years and working another 10 as a production artist in the video game industry, Cass decided to take up street painting as a way to get out of the office and reconnect with the community. What started as a hobby in 2011, blossomed into a lifestyle.
Cass now travels all over the US (and Canada!) sharing her unique, colorful style, her vast knowledge and love of public art. She loves to experiment with new techniques, surfaces and mediums. When not at events you can find her painting and teaching online.

Willie Zin graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA), in Illustration in 1990.  “I discovered Street Painting by accident. One day in early 2009, I was checking on the internet and learned about Street Painting and Chalk Art Events. Since there was one in Long Beach and it sounded fun to spend a day outdoor drawing, I decided to participate. Haven’t really done much chalk drawings, I told myself, “just go for it.” Once I started, I really got into it. Surrounded by people taking pictures, asking questions, etc. It was an amazing experience. I didn’t know that I was actually quite good with chalk.
After that first experience, I was hooked and I wanted more. I started looking for the next event and I found the Pasadena Chalk Festival. It was a 2 days event and a more challenging one. Since then, there is no turning back.”

Bios for Dani Fisher and Scott Mackenzie forthcoming!

2018 Guest Artist Applications are Open.

Guest Artists Receive:
  • Name recognition
  • Larger space
  • Opportunity to win “people’s choice” with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize
  • And other small perks

Please complete this application and click SUBMIT to send it to Chalk It UP! Prescott.  Sending an application does not imply automatic acceptance. Space is limited to approximately 10 people.   Application deadline is February 1, 2017.  Selected artists will be notified in mid February. In addition to your application, please email 2 photos of your recent work to  You may choose to mail or email additional information or a resume in addition to this application.  Please note:  our featured artists are pre-selected each year from past guest artists (becoming a guest artist is the first step).

Apply here, submit your application prior to February 1st!


Artist Videos

Artist Video from BK Lyons from the 6th Annual Chalk It! Prescott 2014.

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